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Serious Games workshops

In a Serious Games workshop you learn new serious games every edition. Besides the experience of the game, you will also receive tips & tricks to help you become a better facilitator. And of course we will also practice the most important part of the game, the debrief. Afterwards you evaluate the experience that serious games offer and persist that knowledge.

Playing a game is fun, but what is the goal of the game? How do you decide which game you can play in which situation? Learn what the "Wheel of Debrief" is about, a tool that gives you insights in what kind of games there are and how you can discuss about the lessons learned with the game.

What do we plan to do?

Each workshop stands on its own and will cover several aspects of serious games.

The next session is planned on the following date:

  • Friday June 21st 2024
    Focusing on Lego® Serious Play®

For all info about these try-out labs and registration, check our Eventbrite page.


But wait there is more. After the summer we start with a course of 5 labs, where you will learn the model behind the serious games.
You can join for one lab or for the full course. When you complete the full course, you will become a master in Serious Games.

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