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Serious Games put the Fun in Functional

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"having heard it is not as good as having seen it.

Having seen it is not as good as knowing it.

Knowing it is not as good as putting it into practice."

- Xunzi (Xun Kuang), a Confucian philosopher

Experiential learning

We believe in experiential learning. You learn better by gaining new knowledge that you apply through practical experiments. Serious games link these experiences to emotions and this way you can really make an impact on change. Games also offer the possibility to practice the new behavior in a psychologically safe environment and to safely fail...

More than just a game

Eddy and Jordann of the Serious Gamers say a game is a good excuse to do a de-brief. This means that it is not just about the game. It is more about what insights you have gained by doing the game and how this related to your day to day life, to the problem you are struggling with. So yes, we use games, which is fun, but not just for fun. It is called serious games for a reason.

A Belgian Chapter?

What is the link with The Serious Gamers? The Serious Gamers are owned by Eddy Bruin and Jordann Gross. They started the brand, the company in The Netherlands. They started the initiative of the Serious Gamers Lab, a year long trajectory to learn more about the usage of serious games on the workplace. Eddy and Jordann brought the lab to Belgian, thanks to Sven Cipido.


After the first Belgian Lab programme, Eddy and Jordann asked us if we wanted to continue the initiative of the labs in Belgium. This will be aligned with the Dutch labs, in the philosophy of Eddy and Jordann, but with a Belgian flavor. This way we can grow a larger community of serious gamers, across the country borders, that shares their knowledge, help each other.

Who are we?


Jord Rengervé

Always in for a game. And the neuroscientific impact of it :-)


Sven Cipido

Mention Lego to him, and you in for an hour's talk :-)

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Koen Vastmans

Made a second nature of turning a problem into a game :-)

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